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Decibel: The Top 5 Swedish Black Metal Albums

Posted in Black Metal, List, Top Albums by newmusicexcess on June 10, 2010

Under The Sign Of The Black Mark

There I was, looking for a Top/Best of list to post on the blog today, and when I looked in the mailbox things got a whole lot easier when I discovered that my, just delivered, Decibel issue 69 contained a Top 5 Swedish Black Metal Albums list. So here is is:

  1. Bathory – Under The Sign Of The Black Mark (1987, Black Mark)
  2. Marduk – Opus Nocturne (1994, Osmose)
  3. Watain – Sworn to the Dark (2007, Anja Offensive)
  4. Satanic Slaughter – Satanic Slaughter (1995, Necropolis)
  5. Setherial – Nord (1995, Napalm)

I managed to find all the above, except Satanic Slaughter’s debut, on Spotify.

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My Top 5 Favourite ‘Rain’ Songs

Posted in List by newmusicexcess on May 20, 2010

For the past week the weather has been really nice here in Dartmouth, NS, but last night the heavens opened and it’s only just starting to clear up now. So, I thought it only fitting to do a rain related post. Yes, here are my favourite ‘rain’ songs:

  • Rain – Madonna


  • Rain – The Cult


  • Rain – Trivium



  • Rain – Creed

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