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Decibel – The Top 25 Noise Albums Of All Time – Top 10

Posted in Decibel, Noise, Top Albums by newmusicexcess on July 31, 2014

Hanatarash 3

So, with over 3.5 years between this new post and my previous post from December 2010, I figured I should mark a return to blogging about music discovery with a Top 25 list.

This list comes from the August 2014 issue (“The Noise Issue“) of Decibel Magazine. Here is the Top 10 from their, “The Top 25 Noise Albums Of All Time”.

  1. Hanatarash – “Hanatarash 3” (RRR – 1989)
  2. Brighter Death Now – “Innerwar” (Cold Meat Industry – 1996)
  3. Francisco López – “Absolute Noise Ensemble” (Blossoming Noise – 2006)
  4. Harry Pussy – “Harry Pussy” (Siltbreeze – 1993)
  5. The Nihilist Spasm Band – “No Record” (Allied Record Corporation – 1968)
  6. Kevin Drumm – “Sheer Hellish Miasma” (Mego – 2002)
  7. SPK – “Information Overload Unit” (Side Effects – 1981)
  8. Merzbow – “1930” (Tzadik – 1998)
  9. Borbetomagus – “Barbed Wire Maggots” (Agaric – 1983)
  10. Amm – “Ammmusic” (Elektra – 1967)
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My Top Ten Favourite Debut Albums

Posted in List, Top Albums by newmusicexcess on June 24, 2010

The Alarm - Declaration

Here is my current list of top 10 favourite albums, but, as I listen to so much music, this could change in the next….hour…minute.

  • The Alarm – Declaration
  • Angel Witch – Angel Witch
  • Armoury Show – Waiting For The Floods
  • Billy Talent – Billy Talent
  • Delphic – Acolyte
  • Enter Shikari – Take To The Skies
  • Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden
  • Marillion – Script For A Jesters Tear
  • The Sisters Of Mercy – First And Last And Always
  • Suede – Suede

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Top 10 Metal Albums – 1990

Posted in Alternative Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal, List, Power Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash Metal, Top Albums by newmusicexcess on April 29, 2010

This morning we, over breakfast, were having a chat about the fact that the rescheduled Megadeth/Slayer Tour of Canada will have both bands playing their 1990s albums Rust In Peace and Seasons In The Abyss, in entirety. I then got thinking about metal albums from that year. Here is my list of 10 favourite albums from that year.

Alice in Chains – Facelift
Annihilator – Never, Neverland
Anthrax – Persistence of Time
Celtic Frost – Vanity/Nemesis
Death – Spiritual Healing
Iced Earth – Iced Earth
Judas Priest – Painkiller
Megadeth – Rust In Peace
Pantera – Cowboys from Hell
Slayer – Seasons in the Abyss

8 out of 10 of the above albums are featured on Spotify, here is the playlist –

Better have something for the pain!


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Terrorizer: Top 10 Noisecore Records

Posted in Metalcore, Noisecore, Top Albums by newmusicexcess on March 23, 2010

Rorschach - Autopsy

I was flicking through this month’s Terrorizer (Issue 194, March 2010) and noticed that they had continued on their Metalcore special from last month, by focusing on certain scenes within Metalcore and also providing recommended album listings. One such list was for a section on Noisecore. The list is titled up, Panasonic Youth: Ten Records That Fucked The Template To Give Us A New Sound For The ‘90s. Here is the list of albums they recommend:

Rorschach – Autopsy (Gern Blandstern 1993)

Acme – To Reduce The Choir To One Soloist (Edison 1996)

Deadguy – Fixation On A Co-Worker (Victory 1996)

Converge – Petitioning The Empty Sky (Ferret 1996)

Breach – It’s Me God (Burning Heart 1997)

Angel Hair – Pregnant With The Senior Class (Gravity 1997)

Coalesce – Functioning On Impatience (Second Nature 1998)

Cave In – Until Your Heart Stops (Hydra Head 1998)

The Dillinger Escape Plan – Calculating Infinity (Relapse 1999)

Today Is The Day – In The Eyes Of God (Relapse 1999)

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Top 10 Futurepop Albums

Posted in Futurepop, Synthpop, Top Albums by newmusicexcess on March 22, 2010

VNV Nation - Empires

I was listening to a bit of VNV Nation today, and so was inspired to put together a list of 10 popular albums by similar futurepop artists. Here’s the list:

  • VNV Nation – Empires
  • Assemblage 23 – Failure
  • Covenant – Sequencer7
  • Rotersand – Truth Is Fanatic
  • Apoptygma Berzerk – Welcome To Earth
  • Seabound – No Sleep Demon
  • Bruderschaft – Forever
  • Neuroticfish – Les Chansons Neurotiques
  • Icon Of Coil – Serenity Is The Devil
  • Pride & Fall – Nephesh

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Top 10 Crushing Metal Albums

Posted in Doom Metal, Metal, Top Albums by newmusicexcess on March 21, 2010

Sleep - Dopesmoker

Today I was thinking about the heaviness of Electric Wizard’s Dopethrone and was then so minded to construct a list of albums by bands that are similarly crushing in their heaviness. Here is my list of albums:

  • Sleep – Dopesmoker
  • Acid King – Zoroaster
  • Ramesses – Misanthropic Alchemy
  • Weedeater – God Luck and Good Speed
  • Bongzilla – Gateway
  • Ufomammut – Snailking
  • Goatsnake – Goatsnake 1
  • Church Of Misery – Master Of Brutality
  • OM – Earth Awakening
  • Reverend Bizarre – Harbinger Of Metal


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My Gothic Metal Top Ten Albums

Posted in Doom/Death, Gothic Metal, Top Albums by newmusicexcess on March 14, 2010

It’s Sunday and so I have been visiting the church of Gothic Metal. Here is a top ten list I put together after some deliberation, with a bit of bias towards the doom-death end of the gothic metal spectrum.

  • Paradise Lost – Icon
  • My Dying Bride – The Light At The End Of The World
  • Tiamet – Wildhoney
  • Moonspell – The Antidote
  • Katatonia – Last Fair Deal Gone Down
  • Darkseed – Diving Into Darkness
  • Amorphis – Tales From The Thousand Lakes
  • Lake Of Tears – Forever Autumn
  • Anathema – Eternity
  • Type O Negative – Bloody Kisses

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Top Ten Songs About Cars

Posted in List by newmusicexcess on February 26, 2010


I’ve just been sorting out a new car today, and looking forward to picking it up Wednesday. So in honour of the big event, and in no particular order, here are my top ten favourite songs about cars/driving:

  • Queen – I’m In Love With My Car
  • UK Subs – I Live In A Car
  • Saxon – Wheels Of Steel
  • Adam And The Ants – Car Trouble
  • Madness – Driving In My Car
  • Elastica – Car Song
  • Pulp – Joyriders
  • The Cars – Drive
  • Gary Numan – Cars
  • Buzzcocks – Fast Cars

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