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The Swellers – Ups & Downsizing

Posted in Pop-punk, Punk by newmusicexcess on May 3, 2010


The Swellers latest, Ups & Downsizing, is another album I missed out on in 2009. I only picked up on it now because Rocksound has just featured them as Band Of The Month in April’s issue.

Track listing:

  1. 2009
  2. Fire Away
  3. Sleeper
  4. Welcome Back Riders
  5. Feet First
  6. Do You Feel Better Yet?
  7. Ups And Downsizing
  8. The Iron
  9. Watch It Go
  10. Stars
  11. Dirt

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  • Pop-punk


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Alexisonfire/Billy Talent – 15th April Cunard Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Posted in Alternative Rock, Melodic Hardcore, Post-hardcore, Punk, Screamo by newmusicexcess on April 16, 2010

Bands = Awesome!! (Well if you managed to get into see Alexisonfire before they had finished)

Venue Management/Door Security = FAIL!

Ok. Here’s the deal. We arrived outside the venue around 7.15 pm, and Alexisonfire came on at 8.10 pm (from what I understand). By the time we worked out which of the 3 queues we were supposed to be in and then queued for what seemed to be an ‘age’, an hour must have passed, as I got in around 8.20 pm. The hold up seemed to be that security were doing quite time consuming (slow) pat-downs on everyone entering the venue.

However, because of the policy of separate pat-downs and bag searches for males and females and the fact that there seemed to be one female security person, it took my wife a further 20 minutes to get into the hall. Bear in mind that Alexisonfire finished up their set at around 9.00 pm. To top it all no attempt was made speed up the women’s queue despite the lack of any men’s queue at one point.

I really felt for one young woman who had just arrived as the ‘house lights’ went on. She asked me who the band was who had just finished as she had been queuing outside, and was close to tears when I told her that the band she had just missed was Alexisonfire. Not surprisingly she had specifically come to see them.

As I said before, both bands were awesome, and they are blameless in the matter. But, the venue management, get your act together!!! Please!!!

Anyway, rant over.  Well for the moment. Hey, I’m from the UK, what do you expect. But, I think it’s catching….

So for all the fans out there, here is a couple of videos by said bands.



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The Runaways

Posted in Glam Rock, Hard Rock, Punk by newmusicexcess on April 10, 2010

We’ve just been to see The Runaways movie at the cinema. So, now I am back in front of the computer I could not resist tracking down some live clips of The Runaways in action.

Here they are in Japan, doing Queens Of Noise.


I also found a couple of clips of The Runaways, sans Cherie , with Joan singing on the BBC’s OGWT (Old Grey Whistle Test).

Here they are with Wasted.


Same show, with School Daze.


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Pay What You Want Downloading – Moshpit Tragedy Records

Posted in Crust, Label, Metal, Punk, Sludge by newmusicexcess on February 2, 2010

Moshpit Tragedy

Way back in 2007 Radiohead created a great debate with their decision to release “In Rainbows” under a pay-what-you-want policy.

Other bands have tried variations on this theme and in some cases simply made an album simply free to download.

Well, one label that has also gone with the pay-what-you-want approach is the Canadian based Moshpit Tragedy Records.

Specialising in Punk, Metal, Crust and Sludge the label doesn’t sell records or CD’s anymore, but allows people to download releases from their website and decide on how much they should pay. The label sees itself as a response to fans and artists being ripped off and abused by records companies over the years.

The latest label release is Burnt Cross’ “The Earth Dies Screaming”

Label founder, Rayny Forster, is featured in the yet to be released record industry documentary ‘Behind The Suit And Tie’.

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