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“Enemies Of Metal Your Death Is Our Reward!”

Posted in Blackened Death Metal, Blackened Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, NWOBHM, NWOTHM, Power Metal by newmusicexcess on May 10, 2010

Here Waits Thy Doom

The mighty 3 Inches Of Blood played The Paragon Theatre in Halifax on Saturday, and we were there!! Support was provided by Goatwhore, Barn Burner and local Cole Harbour band Black Moor. However, I must admit to being only familiar with 3 Inches Of Blood.

Goatwhore play a pretty intense combination of Blackened Death and Blackened Thrash Metal, the most recent album is Carving Out The Eyes Of God and you can check it out on Spotify.

And, check out the video for Apocalyptic Havoc on YouTube.


Barnburner are a bit more ‘conventional’ in that they, sound to me, like a reasonably straightforward NWOBHM inspired Hard Rock/Metal, their album Bangers is also on Spotify.

Unfortunately, we missed local band Black Moor, as they were added after the tickets were printed and so we arrived at the door as they had just finished up their set. I’m sure we will get to check them out again around the Cole Harbour/Dartmouth/Halifax area. Check out the lead track from their 2009 album The Conquering, they sound awesome! “Black Moor’s commin’ after you”.


Here’s an interview, with the band, about the Cole Harbour metal scene.


Back to 3 Inches Of Blood, their most recent album is Here Waits Thy Doom, check it out here.

Here is Battles and Brotherhood from the aforementioned album.

Of course, 3 Inches Of Blood had to finish up their set with Deadly Sinners!

But no Forest King in the set, [sigh]. Well, better remedy that.


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RetroBlog: Heavy Metal Britannia

Posted in BBC, Heavy Metal, NWOBHM by newmusicexcess on February 15, 2010


The BBC are set to screen a documentary, on Friday 5th March 2010, about the emergence of the Heavy Metal genre in Britain. Here is some information from the BBC website.

Heavy Metal Britannia
Friday 5 March
9.00-10.30pm BBC FOUR

Voiced by Nigel Planer, Heavy Metal Britannia traces the emergence of the genre in Britain in the late Sixties and Seventies. Metal began life in the mid-Sixties underground rock scene – a fledging style spearheaded by the likes of Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin.

This early metal was dominated by paranoia and darkness, albeit often tongue-in-cheek. The players were male, mostly working-class – a uniquely Seventies British style – spawning their own long-haired, head-banging audience with their own dress codes and world view.

While this generation still defines classic British metal, it was nearly overtaken by British punk in the late Seventies. Then back came a new generation such as Iron Maiden, Def Leppard and Saxon, dubbed "The New Wave of British Metal" by the press.

As the Eighties dawned, the best of these two metal generations were ready for the long haul – to make their genre the key force in music it remains today.

Tonight’s documentary features contributions from Ian Gillan, Tony Iommi, Rob Halford, Glenn Tipton, Jon Lord, Bruce Dickinson, Edgar Broughton and Lemmy, among others.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Narrator of the above documentary,  Nigel Planer, he initially rose to fame in the UK as part of the ‘alternative’ comedy / Comic Strip scene in the early 80’s. Most people in the UK, over 40, are probably most familiar with his character Neil (‘the Hippy’) from the anarchic comedy sitcom ‘The Young Ones’ on the BBC and also the brilliant ‘Bad News Tour’ episode which was part of the Comic Strip Presents series on Channel 4. Although, his talents spread into the other areas of acting as well as writing novels and plays. Here is a clip of him in Bad News, where he plays guitarist, Den Dennis, who here issues the oft quoted line “two quid for one bloody sausage!”

Bad News on Amazon

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My Top 10 Favourite NWOBHM Debut Albums

Posted in NWOBHM by newmusicexcess on February 6, 2010

Looks like I am stuck around ‘79 again. Hey, it’s the weekend, so things go a bit off-topic and it was new music for 1979. Here is my top 10 list of favourite  debut albums by New Wave Of British Heavy Metal bands, in alphabetical order:

  • Angel Witch – Angel Witch (1980)
  • Def Leppard – On Through The Night (1980)
  • Diamond Head – Lightening To The Nations (1980)
  • Girlschool – Girlschool (1980)
  • Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden (1980)
  • Raven – Rock Until You Drop (1981)
  • Saxon – Saxon (1979)
  • Tank – Filth Hounds Of Hades (1982)
  • Tygers Of Pan Tang – Wildcat (1980)
  • Venom – Welcome To Hell (1981)


NWOBHM stuff on Amazon


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