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Smoke Fairies – Frozen Heart EP

Posted in Blues, folk by newmusicexcess on February 3, 2010


Track listing:

1. Frozen Heart
2. Fences
3. Morning Light
4. We Had Lost Our Minds
5. He’s Moving On

If you like wistful melodies and well crafted vocal harmonies then Smoke Fairies’ Frozen Heart EP could be right up your alley. The music imparts a timelessness and the ethereal nature of the songs seem to make them just hang in time and space. Definitely music for the Autumn, or the Fall as I should say now that I am resident in Canada. I suddenly had a thought that this would make great chill-out music after an All About Eve gig.

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Hidden Cameras – Origin:Orphan

Posted in Indie Pop by newmusicexcess on December 23, 2009

Hidden Cameras - Orpan:Origin

Track listing:

1. Ratify the New
2. In the NA
3. He Falls to Me
4. Colour of a Man
5. Do I Belong?
6. Walk On
7. Kingdom Come
8. Origin:Orphan
9. Underage
10. The Little Bit
11. Silence Can Be a Headline

The Hidden Cameras‘ fifth studio album, Origin:Orphan, is its first on the Arts & Crafts label. There is a ominousness in the harmonies that does relent over the course of the album, tempered by the sweet melodies, while orchestral and brass blasts add to the drama of the musical feast on offer. With synth, flutes, guitar and drums also vying in the mix Origin:Orphan offers up a sumptuous feast indeed!

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