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Terrorizer – Top 20 Sludge Albums

Posted in Sludge, Terrorizer, Top Albums by newmusicexcess on May 13, 2010

Eyehategod - Take As Needed For Pain

I always like to keep a track on site visits to my blog, and and yesterday I noticed I was getting a few hits sent my way via Google searches for keyword search combinations such as “terrorizer” and “best sludge album” as well as a few others of a similar nature.

So, always eager to please my readership, I have gone through my back issues of Terrorizer (I have back to #37 with a few omissions here and there) and located the Sludge Special that they ran over issues 187-188. So, here are the Top 20 Sludge Albums that they listed in issue 188 under the heading “Filth Parade”. I hope this is what people were after.

  1. Eyehategod – Take As Needed For Pain (Centaury Media 1993)
  2. Eyehategod – Dopesick (Century Media 1996)
  3. Crowbar – Crowbar (Pavement Music 1993)
  4. Melvins – Gluey Porch Treatments (Alchemy 1986)
  5. Acid Bath – When The Kite String Pops (Rotten 1994)
  6. Buzzove.en – …At A Loss (Off The Records 1998)
  7. Iron Monkey – Our Problem (Earache 1998)
  8. Sourvein – Will To Mangle (Southern Lord 2002)
  9. Noothgrush – Failing Early, Failing Often (Slap A Ham 2001)
  10. Crowbar – Odd Fellows Rest (Mayhem 1998)
  11. Grief – Come To Grief (Vacuum / Century Media 1994)
  12. Cavity – Supercollider (Man’s Ruin 1999)
  13. Melvins – Bullhead (Boner 1991)
  14. Weedeater – …And Justice For All (Berserker 2001)
  15. Down – NOLA (Electra 1995)
  16. Dystopia – Dystopia (Life Is Abuse 2008)
  17. Corrupted – Paso Inferior (Frigidity Discos 1997)
  18. 16 – Blaze Of Incompetence (Pessimiser 1997)
  19. Rwake – If You Walk Before You Crawl You Crawl Before You Die (At A Loss 2004)
  20. Bongzilla – Gateway (Relapse 2002)

Here is a playlist that contains all the albums that are offered on Spotify –

Now let’s have a bit of Eyehategod from their 2009 Hellfest performance.

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Similar Artists To: High On Fire

Posted in Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, Sludge, Stoner Rock by newmusicexcess on March 8, 2010

Surrounded By Theives

Continuing on from the procedure I laid out in yesterday’s post for discovering unfamiliar music off of familiar ones, here is the same process applied to High On Fire:

  • High On Fire – Surrounded By Thieves
  • Sleep – Dopesmoker
  • Kalas – Kalas
  • Saviours  – Into Abaddon
  • Electric Wizard – Dopethrone
  • Shrinebuilder – Shrinebuilder
  • Baroness – Blue Record
  • Weedeater – God Luck and Good Speed
  • Om – Earth Awakening
  • Kylesa – Time Will Fuse Its Worth

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Pay What You Want Downloading – Moshpit Tragedy Records

Posted in Crust, Label, Metal, Punk, Sludge by newmusicexcess on February 2, 2010

Moshpit Tragedy

Way back in 2007 Radiohead created a great debate with their decision to release “In Rainbows” under a pay-what-you-want policy.

Other bands have tried variations on this theme and in some cases simply made an album simply free to download.

Well, one label that has also gone with the pay-what-you-want approach is the Canadian based Moshpit Tragedy Records.

Specialising in Punk, Metal, Crust and Sludge the label doesn’t sell records or CD’s anymore, but allows people to download releases from their website and decide on how much they should pay. The label sees itself as a response to fans and artists being ripped off and abused by records companies over the years.

The latest label release is Burnt Cross’ “The Earth Dies Screaming”

Label founder, Rayny Forster, is featured in the yet to be released record industry documentary ‘Behind The Suit And Tie’.

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