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Little Girls – Concepts

Posted in Indie Rock, Lo-Fi, Post-punk by newmusicexcess on April 26, 2010

Little Girls - Concepts

Reading through The Guardian’s New Band Of The Day, I picked up on the Canadian band, Little Girls, and their most recent album “Concepts”.

Track listing:

  1. Youth Tunes
  2. Seeing
  3. Tambourine
  4. Concepts
  5. Imaginary Friends
  6. Salt Swimmers
  7. Thrills
  8. Departure
  9. Venom
  10. Last Call
  11. Growing



The bands earlier EPs are on Spotify –


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AWMusic –

The New Music –

Pop Matters –

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  • Indie Rock
  • Post-punk


Similar artists:

  • Blank Dogs
  • Silk Flowers
  • TV Ghost
  • Blessure Grave
  • Pearl Harbour
  • The Coathangers
  • Crystal Stilts
  • Future Islands
  • Tamaryn
  • Wetdog


Further information:

@MySpace –

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Similar Artists To: Dalis Car

Posted in Post-punk by newmusicexcess on March 10, 2010

The Waking Hour - Dalis Car

Dalis Car came about from a collaboration of Peter Murphy (Bauhaus), Mick Karn (Japan) and Paul Vincent Lawford. Here’s an album list of similar artists based on my selection process as described here:

Only this time I have 11 albums, 1 by Dalis Cars and 10 others by ‘similar artists’. The list is:

  • Dalis Car – Waking Hour
  • Peter Murphy – Deep
  • Tones On Tail – Pop
  • Love and Rockets – Earth, Sun, Moon
  • Japan – Tin Drum
  • The Danse Society – Heaven Is Waiting
  • The Bolshoi – Friends
  • Bauhaus – Mask
  • The Creatures – Boomerang
  • Virgin Prunes – If I Die, I Die
  • Flesh For Lulu – Big Fun City

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Posted in Art punk, Post-punk by newmusicexcess on January 20, 2010

UUVVWWZ Track listing:

1. Berry Can
2. Shark Suit
3. Japdad
4. Neolano
5. Castle
6. Green Starred Sleeve
7. Trapezeus
8. The Sun
9. Hum Jam

Ahh, angular art punk. Listening to this album made me want to seek out a bit of X-Ray Spex, Bow Wow Wow or Lene Lovich. Not that they sound exactly like any of those bands/artists, it’s just something about certain songs reminded me of that quirky screechy singing that both employ. But, then the next minute they have a riff that makes me think of Black Sabbath. Also, the band actually has an explanation of how to say the name on their web site.

Reviewed at:

No Ripcord –

All Music Guide – –

Pitchfork –

PopMatters –

Oh, eh, ah, oh! I’ve found some Lene Lovich!

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Retroblog: Carpathian Forest – A Forest

Posted in Alternative, Black Metal, Gothic Rock, Post-punk, Retroblog by newmusicexcess on January 10, 2010

Tucked away as track 11 on Carpathian Forest’s 1998 album Black Shining Leather is an excellent and chilling cover of The Cure’s, A Forest. It’s been posted on YouTube with a basic picture of the cover and a quick change to a photo of the band, with obligatory inverted cross.

This is not the only cover of the track and a search on YouTube or in Google will reveal that several artists, both famous and not so,  have covered it over the years. For example, it was covered by Bat For Lashes as part of the Perfect As Cats: A Tribute To The Cure album released in 2008 it was also released as the B-side to Daniel. Here is a mashup with Vampire Hunter that has been posted on YouTube.

The Cure also performed it ‘acoustically’ in 2001 for inclusion on a bonus disc in their 2001 Greatest Hits release and managed to make a great song ever better!

And, just for completeness, here is the original from way back in 1980.

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Githead – Landing

Posted in Dub, Experimental Rock, Pop, Post-punk, Shoegaze by newmusicexcess on January 7, 2010


Track listing:

1. Faster
2. Take Off
3. Before Tomorrow
4. Landing
5. Ride
6. Over The Limit
7. Lightswimmer
8. From My Perspective
9. Displacement & Time
10. Transmission Tower

Landing by Githead is a melding of music into a smooth, steady reliable delivery. With drums and bass providing the solid framework over which the guitars can layer their melodic chimes and accents, atop this rides the almost dispassionate vocals. After several listens it certainly makes me want to check out the record collection for My Bloody Valentine, Lush, Curve, Ride, Stereolab, Bolshoi and a bit of Wire.

Reviewed at:

The Onion –,35684/

Dusted Magazine –

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