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Similar Artists To: Esben and the Witch

Posted in Electronic, Gothic, Nightmare Pop by newmusicexcess on March 7, 2010

Esben and the Witch

Over the past couple of days I have been perfecting a way to generating a 10 album playlist which explores other bands similar to a band I like or interested in listening to. The procedure goes something like this:

1. Pick a band.

2. Enter the band at and go to the band’s page.

3. Click on the Similar Artists ‘tab’ and make a note of the first 9 bands on the list.

4. Take this list, including the original band you picked, and for each band in turn use to find the first release that has the highest score on their album reviews.

5. This will give you a final list of 10 albums, one from each band, which you can track down and enjoy.

So here is the one I constructed starting with Esben and the Witch.

  • Esben and the Witch – 33 EP
  • worriedaboutsatan – Arrivals
  • Three Trapped Tigers – Three Trapped Tigers EP
  • Bear in Heaven – Red Bloom of the Boom
  • Sian Alice Group – 59.59
  • Delphic – Acolyte
  • Errors – It’s Not Something, But It Is Like Whatever
  • Lift To Experience – The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads
  • Gold Panda – Miyamae EP
  • Holy Fuck – LP

Remember, particularly with new bands, a different day may yield quite different results, as’s lists are generated based on constantly updating user data.

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Upcoming Esben And The Witch Live Dates

Posted in Electronic, Gothic, Nightmare Pop by newmusicexcess on March 4, 2010

Esben and the Witch

Brighton (UK) band Esben and the Witch have got various live dates lined up over the next few months, they are:

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Esben and the Witch – 33 EP

Posted in Electronic, Gothic, Nightmare Pop by newmusicexcess on January 13, 2010

3377128469-1 Track listing:

1. (abstract)
2. Eumenides
3. Marching Song
4. About This Peninsula
5. Corridors

“Marching Song” makes you think how cool it would have been if Siouxsie had fronted Bat For Lashes playing interpretations of Bauhaus songs, but then you think, actually no, Esben and the Witch are so much more than that comparison, and actually much more sinister sounding than any of those. On the track “Corridors”, there is sound like metallic-winged bats fluttering. Turn in, tune in, and hide under the sheets! The bats, the bats, the bats are coming….   mummy!

The great news is that the  33 EP is now free to download at:

Reviewed at:

Hydragenic –

[sic]Magazine –

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