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Sunday Jazz – Nice!

Posted in Jazz by newmusicexcess on February 21, 2010


This is my first post since Thursday as my belongings finally arrived at my address in Canada after being shipped from the UK. So I have spent the last 3 days unpacking and setting up the office/studio with all my equipment and books. It is all pretty much done now, just have to sort out some cables and power supplies for my electrical equipment and I will be fully up and running.

I’ve just been chilling out to some Jazz. Here is what I’ve been listening to on Spotify:

  • Jon Hassell – Earthquake Island
  • Erik Truffazz – Out Of A Dream
  • Dave Douglas – Charms Of The Night
  • Tomasz Stanko Quartet – Matka Joanna

See you at the Jazz Club.

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Sir Johnny Dankworth – RIP

Posted in Jazz by newmusicexcess on February 9, 2010

I must admit being partial to a bit of jazz. So, in memory of the recent death of jazzman Sir Johnny Dankworth, here is a great clip of him performing, It Don’t Mean A Thing, with his wife Dame Cleo Lane.

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Shining – Blackjazz

Posted in Avant-garde, Jazz, Progressive Metal by newmusicexcess on January 21, 2010

The Shining - Blackjazz Track listing:

CD version
1. The Madness And The Damage Done
2. Fisheye
3. Exit Sun
4. Exit Sun
6. The Madness And The Damage Done
7. Blackjazz Deathtrance
8. Omen
9. 21st Century Schizoid Man




LP version
Side A
1. The Madness and the Damage Done
2. Fisheye
3. Exit Sun
4. Exit Sun
Side B
2. The Madness and the Damage Done
3. Blackjazz Deathtrance
Side C
1. Omen
2. 21st Century Schizoid Man
Side D
1. Fisheye [Extended Version]

With so many boundaries crossed and new sounds on this album, I thought my brain would explode with intense musical pleasure. I cannot begin to explain who this band even sound like as there are so many musical reference points and any comparison would do no justice. If you like music that challenges the norm then check them out, if not, then stay well away, you’ll hate it.

Reviewed at:

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Ahleuchatistas – Of the Body Prone

Posted in Avant-garde, Avant-prog, Jazz, Math Rock, Progressive Rock by newmusicexcess on January 5, 2010

cover_594404102009 Track listing

1. 2/3 Consensus On The Un-Finite Possibilities
2. Owls
3. Those With Guns
4. Why Can’t We Be In Jamaica?
5. Racing Towards The Hard Kernel
6. Eastside Uptight
7. Dancing With The Stars
8. Total Nightmare In A Deep Dive
9. Making The Most Of The Apocalypse
10. Map’s Tattered Edges

On Of The Body Prone there seems me to be a seamless switching between chaos and order, between the melodic and the unmelodic, and between the simple and the complex. Ahleuchatistas set unsolvable math problems to music and you don’t know where they could take you.

Reviewed at:

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