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OOIOO – Armonico Hewa

Posted in Experimental Rock, Japanoise by newmusicexcess on December 31, 2009


Track listing:

1. SOL
2. Uda Hah
3. Irorun
4. Konjo
5. Ulda
6. Polacca
7. Kipepeo
8. O O I A H
9. Nin Na Yama
10. Hewa Hewa
11. Agacim
12. Orokai
13. Honki Ponki

Armonico Hewa is OOIOO’s sixth album of experimental rock. Once again the band have dug out the genre blender and circuit bent the controls. A hyperactive melding of progressive arrangements, ethnic rhythms, punk, noise and ADHD. If this is your brain on music then it’s just been stewed, but it’s a tasty stew!

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