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Krallice – Dimensional Bleedthrough

Posted in Black Metal, Experimetal Black Metal, Progressive Black Metal by newmusicexcess on December 25, 2009

Track listing:

1. Dimensional Bleedthrough
2. Autochthon
3. Aridity
4. The Mountain
5. Intraum
6. Untitled
7. Monolith of Possession

Dimensional Bleedthrough, released through Profound Lore, is Krallice‘s second album. It presents to me an entirely new take on Black Metal, a combination of ultra technical playing, spiraling riffs, sparse but tortured vocals all glued together with a structural integrity. Add into this equation all the best remembered elements of Burzum, Ulver, Wolves In The Throneroom, Gorgoroth, and Weakling and you have a very strong release from a band who seem to have unlimited inventiveness and musical competence.

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