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Off Blog: Fantasy Masterworks

Posted in Epic Metal, Off Blog by newmusicexcess on February 22, 2010

Crystal Logic

As I continue to rediscover my book collection, after unpacking all of my stuff that arrived from the UK, I pulled out a book from my Fantasy ‘collection’, Time and the Gods by Lord Dunsany. It’s one of a series of ‘Fantasy Masterworks’ published by Millennium (an imprint of Victor Gollancz). The series was intended to create, as the information on the back cover states, ‘a library of some of the greatest, most original, and most influential fantasy ever written’. So, I look forward to finally being able to work my way through through the ones that I brought. I have up to #15 in the series. Here is a list of what has been published so far:

  1. Gene Wolfe – The Book of the New Sun: Volume 1 Shadow and Claw
  2. Lord Dunsany – Time and the Gods
  3. E. R. Eddison – The Worm Ouroboros
  4. Jack Vance – Tales of the Dying Earth
  5. John Crowley – Little, Big
  6. Roger Zelazny – Chronicles of Amber
  7. M. John Harrison – Viriconium
  8. Robert E. Howard – The Conan Chronicles: Volume 1 The People of the Black Circle
  9. Jonathan Carroll – The Land of Laughs
  10. L Sprague De Camp and Fletcher Pratt – The Compleat Enchanter
  11. Hope Mirless – Lud-In-The-Mist
  12. Gene Wolfe – The Book of the New Sun: Volume 2 Sword and Citadel
  13. George R.R. Martin – Fevre Dream
  14. Sheri S. Tepper – Beauty
  15. Lord Dunsany – The King of Elfland’s Daughter
  16. Robert E. Howard – The Conan Chronicles: Volume 2 Hour of the Dragon
  17. Michael Moorcock – Elric
  18. Fritz Leiber – The First Book of Lankhmar
  19. Patricia A. Mckillip – The Riddle-Master’s Game
  20. Jack Finney – Time and Again
  21. E. R. Eddison – Mistress of Mistresses
  22. Michael Moorcock – Gloriana
  23. Fletcher Pratt – The Well of the Unicorn (out of print)
  24. Fritz Leiber – The Second Book of Lankhmar
  25. Jonathan Carroll – Voice of Our Shadow
  26. Clark Ashton Smith – The Emperor of Dreams Best Fantasy Tales
  27. Jack Vance – Lyonesse Suldrun’s Garden
  28. Gene Wolfe – Peace (out of print)
  29. John M. Ford – The Dragon Waiting a Mague of History
  30. Michael Moorcock – Corum the Prince in the Scarlet Robe
  31. C. L. Moore – Black Gods and Scarlet Dreams
  32. Poul Anderson – The Broken Sword
  33. William Hope Hodgson – The House on the Borderland and Other Novels
  34. Tim Powers – The Drawing of the Dark
  35. Jack Vance – Lyonesse II The Green Pearl and Madouc
  36. Michael Moorcock – The History of the Runestaff
  37. David Lindsay – A Voyage to Arcturus
  38. Jack Williamson – Darker Than You Think
  39. Evangeline Walton – The Mabinogion
  40. Poul Anderson – Three Hearts & Three Lions
  41. John Gardner – Grendel
  42. Michael Swanwick – The Iron Dragon’s Daughter
  43. Geoff Ryman – Was
  44. Dan Simmons – Song of Kali
  45. Ken Grimwood – Replay
  46. Leigh Brackett – Sea-Kings of Mars and Other Worldly Stories
  47. Tim Powers – The Anubis Gates
  48. Patricia A. Mckillip – The Forgotten Beasts of Eld
  49. Ray Bradbury – Something Wicked this Way Comes
  50. Rudyard Kipling – The Mark of the Beast and Other Fantastical Tales

‘Fantasy Masterworks’ on Amazon

Of course, one must have the correct reading music for such an epic task. So, I found in my little black book of music lists, Terrorizer’s True Cult Underground Epic Metal 1980’s list. Here’s the list:

  • Manilla Road – Crystal Logic
  • Cirith Ungol – King Of The Dead
  • Elixir – Son Of Odin
  • Medieval Steel – Medieval Steel
  • Heavy Load – Death Or Glory
  • Mercy – Witchburner
  • Omen – Battle Cry
  • Exxplorer – Symphonies Of Steel
  • Desolation Angels – Desolation Angels
  • Grim Reaper – See You In Hell

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