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Posted in Ambient, Drone by newmusicexcess on March 12, 2010


Bother! I missed checking Eric Quach out when he played Halifax last night. That’s what you get for not checking The Coast as soon as it comes out. Although, it does mention that he has specially created a soundtrack for Yassine Ouhilal’s art opening at Argyle Fine Art today (Friday 12th March 2010).

Oh well, YouTube to the rescue. Here is an excerpt of a performance from April 11th 2008  in the attic of the Trepid House ( in Waterloo (Ontario) .

I’ve also managed to write a little Java application, using NetBeans IDE, which allows me to look up similar artists on without going to the website. I have restricted it to the fist 10 similar artists at the moment. Here is what I get for thisquietarmy.


So, the top ten Similar Artists to thisquitearmy, according to data, are:

  • Aiden Baker and thisquietarmy
  • Nadja
  • Aiden Baker
  • Destroyalldreamers
  • yellow6
  • Below the Sea
  • Victory and Good Hunting
  • My Education
  • Jasper TX
  • Our Ceasing Voice

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