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Decibel: The Top 5 Swedish Black Metal Albums

Posted in Black Metal, List, Top Albums by newmusicexcess on June 10, 2010

Under The Sign Of The Black Mark

There I was, looking for a Top/Best of list to post on the blog today, and when I looked in the mailbox things got a whole lot easier when I discovered that my, just delivered, Decibel issue 69 contained a Top 5 Swedish Black Metal Albums list. So here is is:

  1. Bathory – Under The Sign Of The Black Mark (1987, Black Mark)
  2. Marduk – Opus Nocturne (1994, Osmose)
  3. Watain – Sworn to the Dark (2007, Anja Offensive)
  4. Satanic Slaughter – Satanic Slaughter (1995, Necropolis)
  5. Setherial – Nord (1995, Napalm)

I managed to find all the above, except Satanic Slaughter’s debut, on Spotify.

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Watain – Lawless Darkness

Posted in Black Metal, Terrorizer by newmusicexcess on May 28, 2010

Lawless Darkness

Yesterday, I received the latest issue (197) of Terrorizer in the mail. Flicking to the albums section it seems that Watain have made Album Of The Month with Lawless Darkness and also scored a 10 (which is pretty unusual in that particular magazine)

Track listing:

  1. Death’s Cold Dark
  2. Malfeitor
  3. Reaping Death
  4. Four Thrones
  5. Wolves Curse
  6. Lawless Darkness
  7. Total Funeral
  8. Hymn to Qayin
  9. Kiss of Death
  10. Waters of Ain


Reviewed at:

MetalKult –

Blistering –

Imhotep –

Forbidden Magazine –



  • Black Metal


Similar artists:

  • Funeral Mist
  • Ondskapt
  • Ofermod
  • Antaeus
  • Glorior Belli
  • Deathspell Omega
  • Katharsis
  • Craft
  • Dissection
  • Armagedda


Further information:

@Website –

@MySpace –

@Facebook –

@Wikipedia –

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Black Metal – Happy Birthday

Posted in Black Metal by newmusicexcess on May 21, 2010

Hey, it’s my birthday today. So gotta celebrate in trve cvlt style.

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RetroBlog: Primordial – The Gathering Wilderness

Posted in Black Metal, Celtic Metal, Folk Metal, Pagan Metal by newmusicexcess on May 18, 2010

Primordial The Gathering Wilderness

On reading Johan Hegg’s (Amon Amarth) playlist in the current issue of Terrorizer, #196, it inspired me to check out Primordial. They are a band who I have been meaning to listen to for a long time, but never got around to.

How foolish I was to wait, as I have been totally blown away by the 2005 release, The Gathering Wilderness. I’ve been playing it everywhere: as I work in the garden, while driving, while relaxing in the evening and while writing this blog. It’s awesome. So, check it out!

The Gathering Wilderness on Spotify –


Track listing:

  1. The Golden Spiral
  2. The Gathering Winderness
  3. The Song of the Tomb
  4. End of All Times (Martyrs Fire)
  5. The Coffin Ships
  6. Tragedy’s Birth
  7. Cities Carved in Stone


Reviewed at:

Metal Observer –

Sputnik Music –

Pop Maters –

Global Domination –

Chronicles Of Chaos –

Metal Archives –

All Music –



  • Black metal
  • Celtic metal
  • Pagan metal
  • Folk metal


Similar artists:

  • Mael Mórdha
  • Negură Bunget
  • Enslaved
  • Moonsorrow
  • Agalloch
  • Drudkh
  • Windir
  • Waylander
  • Falkenbach
  • Borknagar


Further information:

@Website –

@MySpace –

@Facebook –

@Wikipedia –


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Triptykon: Video Interviews With Tom Gabriel Warrior Available

Posted in Avant-garde, Black Metal, Doom Metal, Gothic Metal by newmusicexcess on March 30, 2010

Triptykon - Eparistera Daimones

Triptykon is the most recent musical project of Thomas Gabriel Fischer, the founding member of the pioneering extreme music bands Hellhammer, Celtic Frost and Apollyon Sun.

The Triptykon line-up consists of V. Santura (guitar, vocals), Norman Lonhard (drums, percussion), Vanja Slajh (bass), and Tom Gabriel Warrior (voice, guitars).

Further information –



Similar Artists:

  • Celtic Frost
  • Ov Hell
  • Skitliv
  • Valkyrja
  • The Wounded Kings
  • Dark Fortress

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Dark Fortress – Hirundineans Video Released

Posted in Black Metal by newmusicexcess on January 29, 2010

Dark Fortress - Ylem

As previously posted, Dark Fortress have a new album out, Ylem.

Check out the just released video for the track ‘Hirundineans’. CRANK IT UP!!!!!

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Mantra – In Vain

Posted in Black Metal, Doom Metal, Progressive Metal by newmusicexcess on January 26, 2010

In Vain - Mantra Track listing

1. Captivating Solitude
2. Mannefall
3. Ain’t No Lovin’
4. On The Banks Of The Mississippi
5. Circle Of Agony
6. Wayakin (The Guardian Spirit Of The Nez Perce)
7. Dark Prophets, Black Hearts
8. Sombre Fall, Burdened Winter

On In Vain’s second album, Mantra, the band, in my opinion, have captured a complete listening experience. I would strongly suggest setting aside enough time to listen to the album all the way through, in a single sitting, as listening to individual tracks or part of the album does not get the full effect. The album has very high production values and has a wonderful crushing sound when the band go full tilt. However, amidst the bands effortless combination and execution of Black, Doom and Progressive Metal are bluegrass/folk and some of the most wonderfully melodic phrases I have heard on an extreme metal album. If you are in the UK/Europe and have a membership, you can check it out on Spotify.

Reviewed at:

Sputnikmusic –

Noisecreep –

Encyclopaedia Metallum –

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Dark Fortress – Ylem

Posted in Black Metal by newmusicexcess on January 15, 2010

Dark Fortress - Ylem Track listing:

01. Ylem
02. As The World Keels Over
03. Osiris
04. Silence
05. Evenfall
06. Redivider
07. Satan Bled
08. Hirundineans
09. Nemesis
10. The Valley
11. Wraith



German black metal band Dark Fortress release their latest album, "Ylem" (Century Media Records) on the following dates:

  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland: January 22
  • Rest of Europe: January 25
  • USA: February 9

Here are the 2 parts of the Electronic Press Kit as posted on YouTube:


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Retroblog: Carpathian Forest – A Forest

Posted in Alternative, Black Metal, Gothic Rock, Post-punk, Retroblog by newmusicexcess on January 10, 2010

Tucked away as track 11 on Carpathian Forest’s 1998 album Black Shining Leather is an excellent and chilling cover of The Cure’s, A Forest. It’s been posted on YouTube with a basic picture of the cover and a quick change to a photo of the band, with obligatory inverted cross.

This is not the only cover of the track and a search on YouTube or in Google will reveal that several artists, both famous and not so,  have covered it over the years. For example, it was covered by Bat For Lashes as part of the Perfect As Cats: A Tribute To The Cure album released in 2008 it was also released as the B-side to Daniel. Here is a mashup with Vampire Hunter that has been posted on YouTube.

The Cure also performed it ‘acoustically’ in 2001 for inclusion on a bonus disc in their 2001 Greatest Hits release and managed to make a great song ever better!

And, just for completeness, here is the original from way back in 1980.

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The Skaden – You’ll Hope I Had Died

Posted in Avant-garde, Black Metal, Shoegaze by newmusicexcess on January 3, 2010

 theskaden-hope Track listing:

1    Pain and Sexual Overdose Delusion        
2    The Suicide of Thoughts        
3    A Peaceful Moment        
4    White Noise In a Monochrome Night        
5    Grand Final        
6    You’ll Hope I Had Died

The Skaden’s new album You’ll Hope I Had Died is an interesting combination of post Black Metal and Shoegaze. Both grim and female vocals sit atop this unique combination of styles with the themes very much in the area of solitude, despair and desolation. There have been combinations of alternative music and black metal before but this often just extends to  covering, although well, songs by bands such as The Cure or sounding like you are covering songs by The Cure. There is an entirely different approach in use here and it works really well. 

More information here: –

The Omega Order –

The Skaden’s MySpace Page –

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