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Watain – Lawless Darkness

Posted in Black Metal, Terrorizer by newmusicexcess on May 28, 2010

Lawless Darkness

Yesterday, I received the latest issue (197) of Terrorizer in the mail. Flicking to the albums section it seems that Watain have made Album Of The Month with Lawless Darkness and also scored a 10 (which is pretty unusual in that particular magazine)

Track listing:

  1. Death’s Cold Dark
  2. Malfeitor
  3. Reaping Death
  4. Four Thrones
  5. Wolves Curse
  6. Lawless Darkness
  7. Total Funeral
  8. Hymn to Qayin
  9. Kiss of Death
  10. Waters of Ain


Reviewed at:

MetalKult –

Blistering –

Imhotep –

Forbidden Magazine –



  • Black Metal


Similar artists:

  • Funeral Mist
  • Ondskapt
  • Ofermod
  • Antaeus
  • Glorior Belli
  • Deathspell Omega
  • Katharsis
  • Craft
  • Dissection
  • Armagedda


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