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RetroBlog: Drowning Pool – Sinner

Posted in Alternative Metal, Nu Metal, Retroblog by newmusicexcess on May 4, 2010

Drowning Pool - Sinner

I only properly picked up on Drowning Pool just last week when I was looking to swap out a dodgy audio track on a YouTube video I had posted with one of the tracks that YouTube provides. The track in question was Bodies from the debut album Sinner.

Track listing:

  1. Sinner
  2. Bodies
  3. Tear Away
  4. All Over Me
  5. Reminded
  6. Pity
  7. Mute
  8. I Am
  9. Follow
  10. Told You So
  11. Sermon

Album on Spotify –


Drowning Pool on Amazon

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  • Alternative Metal
  • Nu Metal


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