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RetroBlog: Fish – 13th Star

Posted in Progressive Rock by newmusicexcess on April 27, 2010

Fish - 13th Star

I was listening to Planet Rock on their website, and they played a track by Fish from his 2008 album, 13th Star. Fish is an artist who I have not listened to, well, not since he split from the other members of Marillion in 1988. So, after hearing the track I went over to Spotify and listened to the whole album, and was suitably impressed. Definitely well worth checking out.

Track listing:

  1. Circle Line
  2. Square Go
  3. Miles de Besos
  4. Zoë 25
  5. Arc of the Curve
  6. Manchmal
  7. Openwater
  8. Dark Star
  9. Where in the World
  10. 13th Star


More information  can be found here:

Marillion –

Fish –

13th Star –

Planet Rock –

Similar Artists ( –

Discography ( –


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