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Hatesex – Unwant

Posted in Death Rock, Gothic, Industrial by newmusicexcess on April 9, 2010

Hatesex - Unwant

This is an old album, from 2005, which I picked up on this morning after discovering that members of Celtic Frost contributed to, particularly on the cover of Slayer’s excellent Black Magic.

Track listing:

  1. The Crown of Inhuman
  2. Hatesex (Reborn)
  3. Subculture Queen
  4. The Clockwork Heart
  5. Stepdaughter of the Vainglory Empire
  6. Blue Zygote
  7. The Greed of Our Stare
  8. Black Magic
  9. Spiritual Palsy
  10. Unwant
  11. The Vapor Chariot

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  • Gothic
  • Industrial
  • Death Rock


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