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Similar Artists To: Dalis Car

Posted in Post-punk by newmusicexcess on March 10, 2010

The Waking Hour - Dalis Car

Dalis Car came about from a collaboration of Peter Murphy (Bauhaus), Mick Karn (Japan) and Paul Vincent Lawford. Here’s an album list of similar artists based on my selection process as described here:

Only this time I have 11 albums, 1 by Dalis Cars and 10 others by ‘similar artists’. The list is:

  • Dalis Car – Waking Hour
  • Peter Murphy – Deep
  • Tones On Tail – Pop
  • Love and Rockets – Earth, Sun, Moon
  • Japan – Tin Drum
  • The Danse Society – Heaven Is Waiting
  • The Bolshoi – Friends
  • Bauhaus – Mask
  • The Creatures – Boomerang
  • Virgin Prunes – If I Die, I Die
  • Flesh For Lulu – Big Fun City

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