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Music Lists: Progressive Rock Albums

Posted in Progressive Rock, Top Albums by newmusicexcess on February 16, 2010

Death Walks Behind You

I was looking through my little black book of lists and found an interesting Prog Rock list that I wrote down several years ago. I am not too sure where the list came from, but, I think it was from a UK extreme music magazine. I think it works quite well as a broad introduction as there are a wide range of styles included in the list. Although, it is definitely focused on 70’s albums. Here is the list:

  • King Crimson – Red (1974)
  • Yes – Close To The Edge (1972)
  • Rush – A Farewell To Kings (1977)
  • Jethro Tull – Thick As A Brick (1972)
  • Van Der Graaf Generator – Pawn Hearts (1971)
  • Soft Machine – Third (1970)
  • Genesis – Foxtrot (1972)
  • Atomic Rooster – Death Walks Behind You (1970)
  • Pink Floyd – Meddle (1971)
  • Hawkwind – Space Ritual (1973)

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