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Priestess – Prior To The Fire

Posted in Hard Rock, Stoner Rock by newmusicexcess on February 9, 2010

priestess-prior-to-the-fire Track listing:

1. Ladykiller
2. Raccoon Eyes
3. The Firebird
4. Murphy’s Law
5. The Gem
6. Communicating Via-Eyes
7. Lunar
8. It Baffles the Mind
9. Sideways Attack
10. We Ride Tonight
11. Trapped In Space & Time

Priestess’ long awaited Prior To The Fire must be a blessing to those within metal and heavy rock circles who wish everything heavy from around Glam Metal and beyond had just never happened, you know, basically nothing past early NWOBHM. This album demands to be played loud, very loud. You need to be able to riff along with this so get out your hockey stick, tennis racket, or whatever other substitute you use. This is old school head-banging, no kung-fu kicks, picking up change, or ‘windmills’ here. If you spend a month playing nothing released in metal/hard-rock past 1980, you’ll get a feel for how it feels to be old-old-school again. Or, you could just play this at a volume where the plaster starts to fall off the walls. That’ll do the trick!! 

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