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Mantra – In Vain

Posted in Black Metal, Doom Metal, Progressive Metal by newmusicexcess on January 26, 2010

In Vain - Mantra Track listing

1. Captivating Solitude
2. Mannefall
3. Ain’t No Lovin’
4. On The Banks Of The Mississippi
5. Circle Of Agony
6. Wayakin (The Guardian Spirit Of The Nez Perce)
7. Dark Prophets, Black Hearts
8. Sombre Fall, Burdened Winter

On In Vain’s second album, Mantra, the band, in my opinion, have captured a complete listening experience. I would strongly suggest setting aside enough time to listen to the album all the way through, in a single sitting, as listening to individual tracks or part of the album does not get the full effect. The album has very high production values and has a wonderful crushing sound when the band go full tilt. However, amidst the bands effortless combination and execution of Black, Doom and Progressive Metal are bluegrass/folk and some of the most wonderfully melodic phrases I have heard on an extreme metal album. If you are in the UK/Europe and have a membership, you can check it out on Spotify.

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