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Ahleuchatistas – Of the Body Prone

Posted in Avant-garde, Avant-prog, Jazz, Math Rock, Progressive Rock by newmusicexcess on January 5, 2010

cover_594404102009 Track listing

1. 2/3 Consensus On The Un-Finite Possibilities
2. Owls
3. Those With Guns
4. Why Can’t We Be In Jamaica?
5. Racing Towards The Hard Kernel
6. Eastside Uptight
7. Dancing With The Stars
8. Total Nightmare In A Deep Dive
9. Making The Most Of The Apocalypse
10. Map’s Tattered Edges

On Of The Body Prone there seems me to be a seamless switching between chaos and order, between the melodic and the unmelodic, and between the simple and the complex. Ahleuchatistas set unsolvable math problems to music and you don’t know where they could take you.

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