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The Postmarks – Memoirs At The End Of The World

Posted in Indie Pop, Pop by newmusicexcess on January 2, 2010

Track listing:

51NHrPw3ngL._SS500_ 1. No One Said This Would Be Easy
2. My Lucky Charm
3. Thorn In Your Side
4. Don’t Know Till You Try
5. All You Ever Wanted
6. Run Away Love
7. For Better… Or Worse?
8. I’m In Deep
9. Thorn In Your Side [Reprise]
10. Go Jetsetter
11. Theme From “Memoirs”
12. The Girl From Algenib
13. Gone

The Postmarks’ second proper full-length album, Memoirs At The End Of The World, transports you to a 60’s spy movie via it’s epic, cinematic and multi-instrumental arrangements. Lush, mysterious and smooth pop orchestrations and vocals help impart a film score ambiance.

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The Onion (A.V. Club) –,32081/


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