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Rocksound Top 75 Albums 0f 2009 – 75 to 61

Posted in Chart, Rocksound by newmusicexcess on December 2, 2009

Just picked up the Xmas issue of Rocksound in which they have the Top 75 Albums of 2009. So, here is the countdown starting from 75 to 61.

75. Bats – Red In Tooth and Claw [ Post-Punk, Hardcore, Metal]
74. Cauldron – Chained To The Nite [Metal]
73. Skeletonwitch – Breathing The Fire [Thrash Metal, Black Metal]
72. Burnt By The Sun – Heart Of Darkness [Metalcore]
71. Zombi – Spirit Animal [Space Rock]
70. Narrows – New Distances [Mathcore, Sludge Metal, Experimental Metal]
69. Coalesce – OX [Metalcore, Hardcore Punk, Mathcore]
68. Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster – III [Southern Rock/Metalcore]
67. Tubelord – Our First American Friends [Alternative Rock, Indie Pop, Math Rock]
66. Architects – Hollow Crown [Metalcore, Mathcore, Progressive Metal]
65. Broadway Calls – Good Views, Bad News [Punk Rock, Pop Punk]
64. Pearl Jam – Backspacer [Alternative Rock, Grunge]
63. Fake Problems – It’s Great To Be Alive [Punk Rock, Folk Punk]
62. Mono – Hymn To The Immortal Wind [Instrumental Rock]
61. People In Planes – Beyond The Horizon [Alternative rock, Indie Rock]

Lets have a bit of Tubelord with Propeller


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