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NoTwist – Sturm

Posted in Ambient, Minimal, OST by newmusicexcess on October 29, 2009

Notwist - 'Sturm'

Track Listing:

Vilina Kosa Version
Sarajevo 1
Storm 1
The Hague
Storm 2
Sarajevo 2
Sturm 2

The most recent album from NoTwist is the soundtrack to the Hans-Christian Schmid motion picture ‘Sturm’. Released September 2009 the album consists of hypnotic ambient pieces which just seem to hang unsuspended in space.

Slow electronic swells and piano loops combine with xylophone, glockenspiel, accordion and violin to produce a truly hypnotic experience.

Interview with Martin Gretschmann of the Notwist:

Girls – Album

Posted in Indie Pop, Indie Rock by newmusicexcess on October 24, 2009
Girls - Album

Girls - Album

Track Listing:

Lust for Life
Ghost Mouth
God Damned
Big Bad Mean Mother Fucker
Hellhole Ratrace
Lauren Marie
Morning Light

Released in September 2009, the debut Girls album echos with reminders of Elvis Costello, Buddy Holly and the Beach Boys. Sonic diversity is the order of the day here, although, there is definitely a strong twangy rock ‘n’ roll undercurrent on the album which breaks through the surface of the more shoegaze and dreamy sound.

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