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Find A Place To Be Safe

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After a long break from blogging about music I am looking to get back into regular posting again. So let’s start with a return to the Post Rock rabbit hole with a link to a Collapse Under The Empire gig posted on You Tube

This started as a result of running one of my LastFM API codes in Python that looks up top 50 similar bands. For reference here is the list

For Artist: If These Trees Could Talk


The Top 50 Related Artists in LastFM (Name | Match)


01 Collapse Under the Empire                     [1.000]

02 God Is An Astronaut                           [0.785]

03 Sleepmakeswaves                               [0.769]

04 Toundra                                       [0.759]

05 Long Distance Calling                         [0.748]

06 Caspian                                       [0.747]

07 Maybeshewill                                  [0.744]

08 pg.lost                                       [0.670]

09 Red Sparowes                                  [0.647]

10 Russian Circles                               [0.637]

11 Audrey Fall                                   [0.624]

12 Tides From Nebula                             [0.607]

13 This Will Destroy You                         [0.596]

14 Lost in Kiev                                  [0.595]

15 Seas of Years                                 [0.563]

16 Exxasens                                      [0.563]

17 Moonlit Sailor                                [0.551]

18 Oh Hiroshima                                  [0.540]

19 April Rain                                    [0.526]

20 The Best Pessimist                            [0.512]

21 I/O                                           [0.510]

22 Followed by Ghosts                            [0.507]

23 65daysofstatic                                [0.478]

24 EF                                            [0.471]

25 The Evpatoria Report                          [0.462]

26 I Am Waiting for You Last Summer              [0.457]

27 I Hear Sirens                                 [0.455]

28 And So I Watch You From Afar                  [0.441]

29 Pray for Sound                                [0.427]

30 Jakob                                         [0.403]

31 Lights and Motion                             [0.401]

32 Break my fucking sky                          [0.390]

33 Meniscus                                      [0.389]

34 Show Me A Dinosaur                            [0.388]

35 Mono                                          [0.387]

36 Explosions in the Sky                         [0.380]

37 We Lost the Sea                               [0.366]

38 Gifts from Enola                              [0.363]

39 The Seven Mile Journey                        [0.358]

40 Pelican                                       [0.355]

41 Mooncake                                      [0.353]

42 The American Dollar                           [0.352]

43 The End of the Ocean                          [0.338]

44 *shels                                        [0.329]

45 Aesthesys                                     [0.328]

46 This Patch of Sky                             [0.320]

47 Sleep Dealer                                  [0.318]

48 So Far As I Know                              [0.314]

49 Yndi Halda                                    [0.309]

50 Mogwai                                        [0.297]

The Method 2.0

Posted in Post-rock by newmusicexcess on December 29, 2016

A good few years ago I posted about something called ‘the method’. It basically involved using the LastFM website to manually create a list of bands that were musically close to another band of ones choice. The list was then used in conjunction with All Music to create a list of top albums for each of those bands. To help with the first step I eventually wrote a program in Java that used the LastFM API and helped save time creating the initial list of bands. Of course, I still had to manually do the album look up on All Music.

As a result of teaching myself Python and looking for a small programming project to undertake, I decided to take a look at the original Java code and convert it to do a similar thing in Python 2.7. The difference this time was that I used LastFM ‘scrobbled’ data for the whole procedure and was therefore able to do everything via the API including top album lookups. Sure, the code could be more ‘Pythonic’, but, it does the job for now, until a refine my coding skills in this language.

Here is what you get if you put in God Is An Astronaut as the ‘seed’ band. Note: The formatting is better tabulated in the actual program

Results for artist similar to God Is An Astronaut whos top album on LastFM is All Is Violent, All Is Bright

Artist    Match    Top Album on LastFM
Collapse Under the Empire 1 Find a Place to Be Safe
If These Trees Could Talk 0.968446 If These Trees Could Talk
Maybeshewill 0.939173 Not for Want of Trying
This Will Destroy You 0.817125 Young Mountain
Exxasens 0.763217 Beyond the Universe
Explosions in the Sky 0.728914 The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place
65daysofstatic 0.705380 The Fall of Math
Caspian 0.686965 The Four Trees
I Am Waiting for You Last Summer 0.676615 Edge Party

More importantly, here is the code. But remember, its Python 2.7, to run in 3.x you would need to change  stuff. Secondly, and more importantly, you need to get hold of an API key from LastFM and alter the code accordingly (I have marked where the API key needs to go). Finally, don’t forgot to indent where appropriate – again the formatting is difficult to maintain in this post.


#!/usr/bin/env python

# load funtion modules for url based data and regular expressions
import urllib2
import re

# initalise data for url of lastFM audioscrobbler, api key and limit of artists and albums returned
rooturlFM = “”
apikeyFM = “your_lastfm_apikey_goes_here”
limitFM = “10”
limitFMa = “1”

# get artist name from user
artistFM = raw_input(“Please enter an artists name: “)

# replace any blanks in artists name
artistFMtmp = artistFM.replace(” “, “%20”)

# construct full url for audioscrobbler query to find 10 similar bands
totalurlFM = rooturlFM + “?method=artist.getSimilar&artist=” + artistFMtmp + “&limit=” + limitFM + “&api_key=” + apikeyFM

# open, read and close data from audioscrobbler url query
file = urllib2.urlopen(totalurlFM)
dataFM =

# find name information in data and clean up
name = re.compile(“<name>.*</name>”)

nameFM = name.findall(dataFM)
nameFM = [n.replace(“&amp;”, “and”) for n in nameFM]
nameFM = [n.replace(“&apos;”, “‘”) for n in nameFM]
nameFM = [n.replace(“<name>”, “”) for n in nameFM]
nameFM = [n.replace(“</name>”, “”) for n in nameFM]

# find match probability in data and clean up
match = re.compile(“<match>.*</match>”)
matchFM = match.findall(dataFM)
matchFM = [n.replace(“<match>”, “”) for n in matchFM]
matchFM = [n.replace(“</match>”, “”) for n in matchFM]

# find most popular album for seed band and cleanup
totalurlFMna = rooturlFM + “?method=artist.gettopalbums&artist=” + artistFMtmp + “&limit=” + limitFMa + “&api_key=” + apikeyFM
file = urllib2.urlopen(totalurlFMna)
dataFM =
namealbumFM = name.findall(dataFM)[0]
namealbumFM = namealbumFM.replace(“&amp;”, “and”)
namealbumFM = namealbumFM.replace(“&apos;”, “‘”)
namealbumFM = namealbumFM.replace(“<name>”, “”)
namealbumFM = namealbumFM.replace(“</name>”, “”)

# initalise list for album population
albumFM = [“”]*10

# looped look up to lastfm for finding most popular albums by similar artists
for i in range(0,9):
    nameFMtmp = “”
    nameFMtmp = nameFM[i].replace(” “, “%20”)
    totalurlFMa = rooturlFM + “?method=artist.gettopalbums&artist=” + nameFMtmp + “&limit=” + limitFMa + “&api_key=” + apikeyFM
    file = urllib2.urlopen(totalurlFMa)
    dataFM =
    albumFM[i] = name.findall(dataFM)[0]
    albumFM[i] = albumFM[i].replace(“&amp;”, “and”)
    albumFM[i] = albumFM[i].replace(“&apos;”, “‘”)
    albumFM[i] = albumFM[i].replace(“<name>”, “”)
    albumFM[i] = albumFM[i].replace(“</name>”, “”)

# printout band names, match and top album
print(” “)
print(“Results for artist similar to ” + artistFM + ” whos top album on LastFM is ” + namealbumFM)
print(” “)
print “Artist”.ljust(30), “Match”.ljust(10), “Top Album on LastFM”
for n in range(0,9):
    print nameFM[n].ljust(30), matchFM[n].ljust(10), albumFM[n]


Just Like 1985 All Over Again

Posted in 1985, 2013, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock by newmusicexcess on July 31, 2014

I am currently in the process of re-ripping my CD collection, at a slightly higher sample rate, as I have just acquired a 160 GB iPod classic. It replaces my 120 GB Zune which has been well used over the 5 years I have owned it and is still going strong despite it now only holding a charge for 3-4 hours. If they still made the Zune, I would have definitely bought another as this one has been trouble free. It did cross my mind to get the battery replaced but I had a ominous feeling that the moment I replaced the battery something else would fail. So, I am going to use the trusty Zune as a music player, for the house, as it originally came as part of a package with a powered docking station.

Anyway, back to the new iPod.

One of the great joys of doing any reorganisation of music files or media is that the process stimulates you to re-listen to some old albums that maybe you had not listened to in a while. In this case it was, The Cure’s 1985 album “The Head On The Door”, that caught my attention while in the process of re-ripping the ‘C’s in my collection . I actually saw them on the tour for this album when they passed though Brighton (UK) in that same year.

Listening to this album both to and from work, on the transit, I started to think about what I was doing in 1985. I specifically remember going to a lot of gigs in Brighton that year. Also, that it was also a particularly good year for album releases generally. Bands like, Killing Joke, New Order, Sisters Of Mercy, The Cult, The Damned, The Alarm, just for starters.

However, as this is a blog that is primarily focused on new music, I figured I better find a new music ‘angle’ in all of this nostalgia.

So, that got me thinking…..

I wondered, in 2014, who might I consider to be representative of a band like the Cure? If I take a look at there Wikipedia entry for The Head On The Door album it notes the Genre(s) as being: Alternative Rock, New Wave, Gothic Rock. So, I wonder, are there any recent album releases that would fall into all of these genres?

Next stop,, to see if I can use their, “Related Artists”, feature to locate later bands which fall into a similar area.

I wonder if there is anyone of interest in the “Followed By” area of the page? Mmm, I notice that Interpol are mentioned, but they aren’t that recent. So, I drill down through Interpol to find that the Editors are listed in the “Related Artists” area for Interpol. I have heard of the band, but not listened to anything by them. Next, I take a look at the most recent album by the Editors. The most recent is The Weight Of Your Love from 2013. Not this year, but close enough for me to want to take a listen. So I fire up Spotify (the perks of still having a UK account in Canada) and give the album a listen.

Wow, this sounds really good. Obviously, the Baritone voice makes it sound quite different from someone like Robert Smith of the aforementioned Cure. However, initially it does remind me a lot of the male vocals in Dead Can Dance and then something interesting happens and ‘vocal register’ changes four tracks in. Actually, the more I listen to the earlier tracks the more I get thinking about the Mission (I did see them in 86 and again at the turn of the centaury).

I will definitely have to listen and read a bit more with regards to the Editors. Just another one of those bands I never got around to listening to and already regretting that.

So, new music mission accomplished. Well, in my little world anyway.

Decibel – The Top 25 Noise Albums Of All Time – Top 10

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Hanatarash 3

So, with over 3.5 years between this new post and my previous post from December 2010, I figured I should mark a return to blogging about music discovery with a Top 25 list.

This list comes from the August 2014 issue (“The Noise Issue“) of Decibel Magazine. Here is the Top 10 from their, “The Top 25 Noise Albums Of All Time”.

  1. Hanatarash – “Hanatarash 3” (RRR – 1989)
  2. Brighter Death Now – “Innerwar” (Cold Meat Industry – 1996)
  3. Francisco López – “Absolute Noise Ensemble” (Blossoming Noise – 2006)
  4. Harry Pussy – “Harry Pussy” (Siltbreeze – 1993)
  5. The Nihilist Spasm Band – “No Record” (Allied Record Corporation – 1968)
  6. Kevin Drumm – “Sheer Hellish Miasma” (Mego – 2002)
  7. SPK – “Information Overload Unit” (Side Effects – 1981)
  8. Merzbow – “1930” (Tzadik – 1998)
  9. Borbetomagus – “Barbed Wire Maggots” (Agaric – 1983)
  10. Amm – “Ammmusic” (Elektra – 1967)
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Rock Sound – Top 75 Albums Of 2010

Posted in Albums Of The Year, Rocksound, Top Albums by newmusicexcess on December 27, 2010

Bring Me the Horizon ‘There Is A Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is A Heaven, Let's Keep It A Secret’

So, here it is, the Rock Sound, Top 75 Albums Of 2010. Enjoy!

  1. Bring Me the Horizon ‘There Is A Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is A Heaven, Let’s Keep It A Secret’ (Visible Noise)
  2. Deftones ‘Diamond Eyes’ (Warners)
  3. The Dillinger Escape Plan ‘Option Paralysis’ (Party Smasher / Season of Mist)
  4. Against Me! ‘White Crosses’ (Warners)
  5. My Chemical Romance ‘Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys’ (Warners)
  6. Comeback Kid ‘Symptoms + Cures’ (Victory)
  7. The Gaslight Anthem ‘American Slang’ (SideOneDummy)
  8. Devil Sold His Soul ‘Blessed & Cursed’ (Century Media)
  9. The Xcerts ‘Scatterbrain’ (Xtra Mile)
  10. Kylesa ‘Spiral Shadow’ (Season Of Mist)
  11. Far ‘At Night We Live’ (Xtra Mile)
  12. You Me At Six ‘Hold Me Down’ (Virgin)
  13. Young Guns ‘All Our Kings Are Dead’ (PIAS)
  14. A Day to Remember ‘What Separates Me From You’ (Victory)
  15. Pianos Become the Teeth ‘Old Pride’ (Topshelf)
  16. Kvelertak ‘Kvelertak’ (Indie Recordings)
  17. The Unwinding Hours ‘The Unwinding Hours’ (Chemikal Underground)
  18. High on Fire ‘Snakes For The Divine’ (E1)
  19. Off With Their Heads ‘In Desolation’ (Epitaph)
  20. Oceansize ‘Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up’ (Superball)
  21. The National ‘High Violet’ (4AD)
  22. Torche ‘Songs For Singles’ (Hydra Head)
  23. The Chariot ‘Long Live’ (Good Fight)
  24. Norma Jean ‘Meridional’ (Razor & Tie)
  25. Kids In Glass Houses ‘Dirt’ (Roadrunner)
  26. Rolo Tomassi ‘Cosmology’ (Hassle)
  27. Stone Sour ‘Audio Secrecy’ (Roadrunner)
  28. Bullet for My Valentine ‘Fever’ (Sony)
  29. Cancer Bats ‘Bears, Mayors, Scraps & Bones’ (Hassle)
  30. Rinoa ‘An Age Among Them’ (Eyesofsound)
  31. Four Year Strong ‘Enemy Of The World’ (Universal / Decaydance)
  32. Touché Amoré ‘…To The Beat Of A Dead Horse’ (6131)
  33. Lostprophets ‘The Betrayed’ (Visible Noise)
  34. Circa Survive ‘Blue Sky Noise’ (Atlantic)
  35. Weezer ‘Hurley’ (Epitaph)
  36. Crime in Stereo ‘I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone’ (Bridge Nine)
  37. Foals ‘Total Life Forever’ (Transgressive)
  38. 65daysofstatic ‘We Were Exploding Anyway’ (Hassle)
  39. Jimmy Eat World ‘Invented’ (Interscope)
  40. The Swellers ‘Ups And Downsizing’ (Fueled By Ramen)
  41. LaFaro ‘LaFaro’ (Smalltown America)
  42. Parkway Drive ‘Deep Blue’ (Epitaph)
  43. Lower Than Atlantis ‘Far Q’ (A Wolf At Your Door)
  44. Coheed and Cambria ‘Year Of The Black Rainbow’ (Roadrunner)
  45. Pulled Apart By Horses ‘Pulled Apart By Horses’ (Transgressive)
  46. Crippled Black Phoenix ‘I, Vigilante’ (Invada)
  47. Open Hand ‘Honey’ (Anodyne)
  48. Trash Talk ‘Eyes & Nines’ (Hassle)
  49. Dinosaur Pile-Up ‘Growing Pains’ (Friends Vs Records)
  50. Daughters ‘Daughters’ (Hydra Head)
  51. Smoke Or Fire ‘The Speakeasy’ (Fat Wreck Chords)
  52. Envy ‘Recitation’ (Rock Action)
  53. Les Savy Fav ‘Root For Ruin’ (wichita)
  54. 36 Crazyfists ‘Collisions And Castaways’ (Roadrunner)
  55. The Damned Things ‘Ironiclast’ (Mercury)
  56. The Ocean ‘Heliocentric’ (Metal Blade)
  57. Pendulum ‘Immersion’ (Warners)
  58. Chickenhawk ‘Modern Bodies’ (Brew)
  59. Astrohenge ‘Astrohenge’ (Eyesofsound)
  60. Your Demise ‘The Kids We Used To Be’ (Visible Noise)
  61. Blood Command ‘Ghostclocks’ (Fysisk Format)
  62. Chiodos ‘Illuminaudio’ (Equal Vision)
  63. Sleigh Bells ‘Treats’ (Mom + Pop)
  64. Alkaline Trio ‘This Addiction’ (Heart & Skull / Hassle)
  65. Twilight ‘Monument To Time End’ (Southern Lord)
  66. The Flatliners ‘Cavalcade’ (Fat Wreck Chords)
  67. Grown Ups ‘More Songs’ (Big Scary Monsters)
  68. Melissa Auf der Maur ‘Out Of Our Minds’ (Roadrunner)
  69. The Ascent Of Everest ‘From This Vantage’ (Shelsmusic)
  70. The Wonder Years ‘The Upsides’ (Hopeless / No Sleep)
  71. Coliseum ‘House With A Curse’ (Temporary Residence)
  72. Bison B.C. ‘Dark Ages’ (Metal Blade)
  73. Minus The Bear ‘Omni’ (Dangerbird)
  74. Black Breath ‘Heavy Breathing’ (Southern Lord)
  75. The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza ‘Danza III: The Series Of Unfortunate Events’ (Metal Blade)

Terrorizer’s Secret History Of… Death Metal – The 40 Death Metal Records You Must Hear

Posted in Death Metal, List, Terrorizer, Top Albums by newmusicexcess on September 17, 2010

I was rather late off the mark on this one, as it was a while before I got around to ordering this particular Secret History from Terrorizer. Flicking through the issue there is the ever-present Top 40. So, for your delectation and debate, here is, The Death Toll.

  1. Morbid Angel – Altars Of Madness [Earache 1989]
  2. Entombed – Left Hand Path [Earache 1990]
  3. Autopsy – Mental Funeral [Peaceville 1991]
  4. Repulsion – Horrified [Necrosis 1989]
  5. Death – Leprosy [Combat 1989]
  6. Carcass – Necroticism: Descanting The Insalubrious [Earache 1991]
  7. Suffocation – Effigy Of The Forgotten [Roadrunner 1991]
  8. Deicide – Deicide [Roadrunner 1990]
  9. At The Gates – Slaughter Of The Soul [ Earache 1995]
  10. Bolt Thrower – Realm Of Chaos [Earache 1989]
  11. Possessed – Seven Churches [Combat 1985]
  12. Atheist – Unquestionable Presence [Active 1991]
  13. Obituary – Cause Of Death [1990]
  14. Sepultura – Arise [Roadrunner 1991]
  15. Death Strike – Fuckin’ Death [Nuclear Blast 1991]
  16. Incantation – Onward To Golgotha [Relapse 1992]
  17. Ripping Corpse – Dreaming With The Dead [Maze 1994]
  18. Massacre – From Beyond [Earache 1991]
  19. Cryptopsy – None So Vile [Wrong Again 1996]
  20. Vader – De Profundis [Conquest 1995]
  21. Dismember – Like An Ever Flowing Stream [Nuclear Blast 1991]
  22. Cannibal Corpse – Tomb Of The Mutilated [Metal Blade 1992]
  23. Master – Master [Nuclear Blast 1990]
  24. Nocturnus – The Key [Earache 1990]
  25. Behemoth – Demigod [Regain 2004]
  26. Gorguts – Obscura [Olympic 1998]
  27. Disincarnate – Dreams Of A Carrion Kind [Roadrunner 1993]
  28. Nile – In Their Darkened Shrines [Relapse 2002]
  29. Pestilence – Testimony Of The Ancients [Roadrunner 1991]
  30. Hate Eternal – King Of All Kings [Earache 2002]
  31. Decapitated – Winds Of Creation [Earache 2000]
  32. In Flames – The Jester Race [Wrong Again 1996]
  33. Demilich – Nespithe [Necropolis 1993]
  34. Necrophagia – Season Of The Dead [New Renaissance 1987]
  35. Grave – Into The Grave [Century Media 1991]
  36. Merciless – The Awakening [Deathlike Silence 1990]
  37. Dying Fetus – Destroy The Opposition [Relapse 2000]
  38. Demigod – Slumber Of Sullen Eyes [Drowned 1992]
  39. Devourment – Butcher The Weak [Self-Released 2005]
  40. Order From Chaos – Stillbirth Machine [Decapitated 1993]

Terrorizer – All The Nines – August 2010

Posted in Albums Of The Month, List, Terrorizer, Top Albums by newmusicexcess on August 21, 2010

Another magazine whose subscription I have let run out is Terrorizer. My intention is to now buy just the specials and the issues containing the Writers/Readers polls, as the international subscription to Canada is a bit pricey and with so many of the extreme magazines now  seeming to run the same bands and features every month, it makes more sense just to pick up a monthly copy of Decibel.

So, here is the Album Of The Month* and a list of albums that got 9 or above in Terrorizer’s August 2010 Issue (199):

Decibel – August 2010 – All The Nines

Posted in Albums Of The Month, Decibel, List, Top Albums by newmusicexcess on July 20, 2010

Khoma - A Final Storm

I’ve just been going through this month’s copy of Decibel, my last one through the mail, as my subscription has just run out and I will probably just pick it up from a local newsstand. Here’s a run down of this months new albums that score 9 or more in the review section:

Sadly only a couple of these have turned up on Spotify, so far. I’ve just been checking out Kohma’s, A Final Storm, which is excellent.

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Rocksound – July 2010 – All The Nines

Posted in Albums Of The Month, List, Rocksound by newmusicexcess on July 13, 2010

Blue Sky Noise

As another issue (137) of Rocksound lands in the mailbox,  it’s time to see which of the new albums reviewed in this issue get a score of 9 or above:

Four very different albums by four very different bands. My favourite? Well that’s got to be Blessed & Cured by Devil Sold His Soul. Well, they are from the South East of England, my old stomping ground. Check ‘em out.

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Guilfest 2010 – Rocksound Rock Cave

Posted in Festivals by newmusicexcess on July 9, 2010


I have just been chatting to my parents this morning, over in the UK. It seems they are having the same good weather that we are over here in Nova Scotia.

Hopefully, the good weather will continue in the UK to give a sunny weekend for the upcoming Guilfest at Stoke Park, Guilford. What started out as the, one day, Guildford Festival of Folk and Blues, in 1992 has grown to a much larger event over 3 days (16-18th July). Considered to be a ‘family friendly’ style festival this years 3 headliners are: Orbital, The Human League and Status Quo.

Of particular interest to me would be the Rocksound Rock Cave stage with F***ed Up and We Are The Ocean playing at the top of the bill on Friday night. Check out the other bands on the bill at

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